We are thrilled to continue our “Improv with Me2” Programme for Sun-dac Upper Thomson

We are thrilled to continue our “Improv with Me2” Programme for Sun-dac UpperThomson!

We are happy to continue our Me2 programme, focusing on community living skills, as we strive to empower our trainees and foster their independence. In our latest endeavour, we embarked on an exciting trip to the local supermarket, providing our trainees with a practical hands-on experience in navigating the aisles, and identifying items on a shopping list, so as to make appropriate purchases.

The supermarket excursion served as a valuable opportunity for our trainees to develop essential life skills, such as understanding the concept of money and the process of buying groceries. Equipped with their personalised shopping lists, they enthusiastically embarked on a mission to locate specific items, recognize healthier choices, and make informed decisions.

Throughout the trip, our dedicated instructors and mentors guided and encouraged the trainees, instilling confidence and promoting critical thinking. They facilitated discussions on budgeting, prioritizing needs over wants, and ensuring the trainees had a comprehensive understanding of managing their finances responsibly.

By immersing our trainees in real-life situations like grocery shopping, we are nurturing their ability to navigate the community with confidence and independence. These practical experiences help them gain a deeper understanding of everyday tasks and contribute to their overall growth and development.

Beyond the acquisition of essential life skills, the supermarket trip also fosters social integration and enhances the trainees’ interaction with the wider community. Through positive engagement with store staff and fellow shoppers, our trainees build connections, foster friendships, and develop their social skills, creating a more inclusive society for all.

At Me2, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to live fulfilling andindependent lives. Through initiatives like the supermarket trip, we continue to provide practical experiences thatincrease the trainees’ autonomy, nurture their confidence, and introduce them to important concepts like moneymanagement.

This article is extracted from our June 2023’s newsletter.
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