Coming onboard The Me2 Train

We recognise and value that everyone is unique. By hopping on board the Me2 Train, we aim to improve the Quality of Life for youths with Disabilities:

  • Positively transforming the lives of people with learning/physical disabilities or who are not able to continue learning due to challenges in their lives
  • Promoting communication that is effective and meaningful
  • Cultivating innovation and teamwork
  • Encouraging good practice and positive attitudes
  • Working in partnership with caregivers and social workers


The Journey

The Me2 Train aspires to lead the way in creating new pathways by offering safe, proactive, and flexible platforms for these groups of youths/adults to realise their potential and live fulfilling lives the way they choose.


Our training programme will provide the following:

  • Daily sessions (choice between 6 hours or 3 hours)
  • Our programme is unique & we take the holistic approach which allows every individual to learn & development at their own speed
  • Daily structured workshops that will equip them with skills & knowledge, enabling them to live more independently, whilst making new friends & memories
  • Through small groups, we will explore visual arts, drama & movement, dance & singing & daily living skills
  • Our trainers are specifically trained to teach & encourage all youths to be the best they can be
  • Clear learning objectives that enable trainees, guardians, and parents to see development and engagement the programmes
  • Enabling those onboard the Me2 Train to have opportunities to showcase their creations
  • A positive and inclusive environment that focuses on giving everyone an opportunity to participate according (and catering) to their needs

Choices of Rail Pass

The Me2 Train is about providing a training platform that is inclusive of everyone’s needs and helping individuals develop in line with these needs on a daily basis.

Care-givers and Trainees may choose from the following training packages that best suits them:


The Grand Express (monthly)

This is a 6-hour daily package where the trainee will undergo the full spectrum of training. Daily lunch will be provided.


The Commuter Express (monthly)

This is a 3-hour daily package where the trainee may choose to attend the morning or afternoon session. They may join the cabin of trainees from The Grand Express. No meals will be provided.

The Access Package (20 sessions)

This is a 20 x 3-hour daily package where the trainee may choose to attend on any weekday. This is specially catered to individuals/families who are unable to commit to daily training sessions. No meals will be provided.

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