Me2 offer a wide range of training programmes for all different types of disabilities

Our Core Programmes which have been approved by SG Enable include:

  1. Improv with Me2 (social interaction, life skills, situational re-enactment) This is an instructor-led face-to-face re-enactment programme to expose learners to real life situations so that they can pick up and practise the skills required to adapt, respond, and interact in those scenarios.
  2. Create with Me2 (art programme)is a creative art programme that exposes learners to different art techniques and art mediums through the storytelling about famous artists and the introduction to art history. The programme is intended to improve the motor skills of the learners through a fun way of learning.
  3. My First Portfolio with Me2 (digital programme) is a programme for learners to develop their own digital portfolio and be confident and fluent speakers in front of a camera. With live streaming increasingly overtaking how messages are communicated, marketed, and taught, it is instrumental for learners to pick up this essential skill.

Our Quality of Life Programmes:

  1. Baking (seasonal cookies, mental resilience, food safety) A fun, & hands-on programme designed for individuals who enjoy time in the kitchen & want to learn new skills or refine their current skills & knowledge. 
  2. Cooking (fine motor skills, independence, food safety) – Cooking is a great way to build confidants & learn to communicate better through using ingredients & following instructions.

Youth at Risk Programmes include Vocational Training & Career Development Programmes

Early Childhood – A 4-week programme which takes the youths through modules of communication & confidence building, class-room management & expectations of what it’s like to be a teacher, educating pre-school children.

Hospitality – A 4-day workshop covering all areas of customer service, knowledge on how to work in a restaurant or hotel, front of house & back of house roles & food awareness, food safety & hygiene.  This intensive, face to face, role play based learning approach gives the youths a realistic look into the world of customer service handling all types of customers in hospitality & skills needed to exceed in this fast pasted industry.

Career Development – A 4-day workshop aimed at helping & supporting youths with writing their CV & Cover Letter for potential job positions. The programme also includes interviewing skills & techniques, with mentoring & advice along the way.

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