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We created a unique training programme where we equipped you, the Youth or Special Needs person with knowledge and skills to bridge and prepare you for jobs in industry. We achieve this by reversing the process & concentrating on what’s important first, focusing on the vocational training & the value of working. A job is more than just income, it provides you with meaning & purpose, social opportunities & a sense of accomplishment.

Working closely with our partners Me2 identifies roles and needs within their business enabling us to match you to the right role, furthermore, this would include after placement care for 12 months, which gives you peace of mind & the knowledge that we want to support you in your endeavors. In addition, you gain experience in the field that you are entering by attending the Me2 programme, along the way you build on essential skills which will carry you through into any position and throughout your life. We build on your confidence, your self-esteem, communication skills, and important job etiquette.

Statistics of Youth-at-Risk



The average number of new cases per year.



Percentage of youth Males.



Percentage of youth Females.


< 13 Years

Percentage of kids below 13 years of age at risk.


13 to <16 Years

Percentage of youths 13-16 years of age.


>16 Years

Percentage of youths above 16 years of age.

Our Me2 Educational programme is split into Core and Elective focused training over a 4-week period.

Core Training

Education Provides Knowledge and Growth.

The first two weeks of the programme trainees will take part in the core training which will equip them with soft skills that are much needed to help them in their job placement and for functional living.

Independence & Confidence

Embark on a journey to become more independent and confident.

Communication & Body Language

Aware of body language and speaking to be understood.

Job Interview Skills

Help build on interview skills and techniques.

Placement & On-the-Job Skills

Present yourselves positively.

Elective Training

Employment Provides Purpose and Experience

Our Elective programme will equip the trainees with knowledge and skillsets that will be relevant in their respective job placement, to guarantee we understand the job role we conscientiously with our partners to ensure we educate and prepare all our trainees so they understand what is expected of them in the workplace and can begin using their skills proficiently on their first day.

Regardless of the trainees chosen Elective all trainees will go through the same educational experience including theory, internship, and a portfolio which will document their training in the programme with a digital portfolio showcasing what they have learned and accomplished their personal reflections and aspirations for the future

Current Population of People with Disability in Singapore


Student Polulation

2.1% of the student population.


19-49 Years

3.4% of the resident population.


50 years

13.3% of the resident population.


Improve the quality of learning

Adults with special needs are looking for meaningful activities and classes in their life-long journey when they are unable to find employment.

Inadequate support for care-givers

Caregivers are facing stress, isolation, fatigue, and other issues and need support and counseling. there are about 210,000 caregivers in Singapore.

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