Elective Programme

Mosaic with Me2


Mosaic with Me2 is an art exposure programme that focuses on the use of mosaics to create beautiful, sellable art pieces. The programme is intended to improve the motor skills of the learners through a fun way of learning and create a source of income for them.

For our Mosaic programme, we designed the programme so that the students can focus on creating a series of mosaic products for sale.

For example, Year 1 can be focused on a series of hanging ornaments in different designs like the Rainbow, Moon, Sun, etc. Year 2 can focus on a series of coasters in different designs like Superheroes, Emojis, Seasons, etc.

We are also open to working closely with our partners to find out what they are looking and we can also adjust our outcomes towards themes that they want to explore and expose their participants to.

Programme Duration

Max participants per class: 10
Each lesson has a duration of 60 mins.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of mosaic art, including a brief overview of materials and tools, fostering an inclusive environment. They will demonstrate safe handling practices for mosaic tools and materials, with a focus on ensuring a comfortable and sensory-friendly experience, particularly for individuals with autism.

Participants will execute a mosaic project using tools and methods tailored to the unique needs of participants, creating an accessible and personalised artistic experience.

Participants will explore colour theory and basic design principles relevant to mosaic art, with consideration for sensory sensitivities. They will express their individual creativity through the creation of a mosaic composition, allowing for diverse forms of self-expression and sensory engagement.

Participants will engage in collaborative work on a mosaic project, with a focus on fostering effective communication and social interactions. They will appreciate and acknowledge diverse contributions within the group, creating a supportive and inclusive space that recognises and respects the unique strengths of each participant.

Participants will present their finished mosaic projects in a class exhibition, celebrating their artistic achievements. They will reflect on their personal artistic growth and experiences throughout the class, promoting self-awareness and a sense of accomplishment, with adaptations to support the comfort and preferences of individuals with autism.

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