Core Programme

Improv with Me2


Improv with Me2 is an instructor-led face-to-face re-enactment programme to expose learners to real-life situations so that they can pick up and practise the skills required to adapt, respond, and interact in those scenarios.

The goal of the programme is to re-enact real-life situations with students so that they have a bank of tips and strategies that they can rely on to help them in different encounters.

Classrooms will be staged to simulate different settings. Lessons are mostly physical, and students are required to move around the classroom following the instructor’s instructions and guidance as they navigate the different activities.

This programme is conducted with 2 Trainers – 1 Main Trainer and 1 Assistant Trainer.

Programme Duration

Max participants per class: 10
Each lesson has a duration of 60 mins except for outings which may last about 180 mins.

Programme Structure

The 16 lessons are split into 2 parts with 2 key focuses:

For Example:
The first 8 lessons will be focused on independent travelling with the goal of equipping the individual students with the skills and confidence to board the correct bus to the appropriate destination.

The next 8 lessons will be focused on social interaction with the goal of equipping the individual students with the skills and confidence to purchase their own food and drink at a food establishment.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to express and emote their feelings and intentions appropriately. We want to help them form meaningful friendships and give them a bank of conversational topics to tap into to engage with their peers.

All of our Topics of Learning for the Term will include a dance routine to help the participants remember the different steps on what to do. This makes learning super fun as the students get to groove along to catchy music as they “act out” step-by-step what needs to be done for a particular scenario. For example, returning trays at a hawker centre or taking a bus.

To emphasise on the learning objectives, we also include arts and crafts in the lessons of our Core Programme. From designing their own EZ-link cards to their own self-portrait, our participants are encouraged to tap into their imagination and play with colours, lines, shapes, and curves of their choice.

To increase independence, we teach participants how to live and commute independently. From adopting good self-care habits like simple exercises, and daily affirmations to practising good personal hygiene, our participants have shown improvement in their well-being from our teaching and repetition.

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