Fun Day Out with Me2 Trainees from YMCA

We had a fantastic day out with our trainees from YMCA in April 2023! As part of our “Improv with Me2” programme, our Lead Trainer, Mr Keith Peck, planned a fun-filled day trip for the trainees to navigate different modes of transportation – The bus and the MRT. He also planned a pit stop at a popular tourist attraction, “The Botanic Gardens” and a tea break at the beloved local Kopitiam, “Killiney”.

With beaming smiles and an air of determination, our trainees embraced the challenge of navigating the bus and trains. They tapped their cards with a newfound confidence, mastering the art of entering and exiting like seasoned pros. The sense of accomplishment was palpable as they conducted themselves appropriately, respecting fellow commuters and enjoying the journey like true urban explorers. They also bought drinks of their choice for themselves to reward themselves on the hot Saturday afternoon. The day was a roaring success, filled with laughter, learning, and shared moments of pure joy.

This article is extracted from our June 2023’s newsletter.
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