Elective Programme

Create with Me2


Create with Me2 is a dynamic and progressive art program that offers participants an immersive experience in various art techniques and mediums. Through engaging storytelling about famous artists and an introduction to art history, learners are not only encouraged to express their creativity but also gain a deeper understanding of the artistic world. The programme is designed to be both educational and enjoyable, creating a fun way of learning while enhancing the participants’ motor skills.

Create with Me2 is not just about creating beautiful artwork; it’s about nurturing a love for art, fostering imagination, and providing a platform for personal growth.

Programme Duration

Max participants per class: 10
Each lesson has a duration of 60 mins.

Learning Objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to explore different art techniques and mediums, expanding their creative horizons and discovering new forms of self-expression.

Through engaging storytelling and discussions, participants will learn about famous artists, their unique styles, and significant art movements, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich history of art.

The program incorporates hands-on activities that involve various art materials and tools. By actively participating in the artistic process, learners will enhance their fine motor skills, hand­eye coordination, and overall dexterity.

Create with Me2 encourages participants to tap into their imagination and develop their own artistic voice. By embracing their creativity and expressing themselves through art, learners will gain confidence and a sense of personal accomplishment.

The program strives to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment, where participants can have fun while engaging in artistic activities. Through interactive and stimulating sessions, learners will discover the joy and satisfaction of creating art.

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