Welcome to Me2

Me2 is dedicated to supporting individuals and transforming lives in our community. We offer a range of impactful programmes that serve three distinct groups:

  1. Persons with disabilities (PWDs)
  2. At-risk individuals
  3. Caregivers

Our programmes focus on quality-of-life training, vocational training, and community living skills training.

By providing essential skills, resources, and support, we aim to enhance self-confidence, improve communication, and foster inclusion within the community.

Our Programmes

Improv with Me2 is an instructor-led face-to-face re-enactment programme to expose learners to real-life situations so that they can pick up and practise the skills required to adapt, respond, and interact in those scenarios.
Learning Objectives:
Create with Me2 is a dynamic and progressive art program that offers participants an immersive experience in various art techniques and mediums.
Learning Objectives:
Dance with Me2 is a dynamic dance program specifically designed to empower individuals with disabilities through the art of dance.
Learning Objectives:
Drama with Me2 programme is an "Inclusive Spotlight" drama initiative designed to provide individuals with special needs an opportunity to explore the world of theatre and drama.
Learning Objectives:
Meal Prep with Me2 provides learners with the opportunity to learn how to prepare simple and nutritious meals for various times of the day.
Learning Objectives:
Mosaic with Me2 is an art exposure programme that focuses on the use of mosaics to create beautiful, sellable art pieces.
Learning Objectives:
My First Portfolio with Me2 is an innovative program designed to empower learners to develop their own digital portfolio.
Learning Objectives:

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